1. Zurich-Bern-Jungfraujoch-Grindelwald-Interlaken-Lucerne
Day 1
23:40Departure by LX183 from BKK-ZRH
Day 2
06:15Arrival at ZRH Airport
07:43Departure by train, IC 810, pf. 3, from Zurich Airport to Bern
09:13Arrival in Bern -free Bern pass
Go to Hotel, Check-in and visit Bern
Overnight in Bern
Day 3
07:34Departure by train CIS45/REG4855 via Spiez to Interlaken Ost
08.28Arrival in Interlaken Ost
08:35Departure Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunnen, REG 143
08:55Arrival in Lauterbrunnen, change train
09:00Departure Lauterbrunnen by REG 343 to kleine Scheidegg
09:45Arrival at kleine Scheidegg
10:02Departure kleine Scheidegg by REG 543
10:53Arrival at Jungfraujoch
Enjoy Top of Europe
14:00Departure by train to kleine Scheidegg
14:49Arrival kleine Scheidegg, change train
15:00Departure kleine Scheidegg
15:45Arrival in Grindelwald
17:50Departure by train REG266 to Interlaken Ost
18:25Arrival Interlaken Ost
Overnight in Interlaken Ost
Day 4
07:04Departure by train D2426/IR1808/REG4329 via Bern and Palezieux to Lucerne
10:10Arrival in Lucern
Check-in and Visit Lucerne
Sightseeing Lake Lucerne and Mt' Pilatus present your Swisspass for 25% discount
Overnight in Lucerne
Day 5
08:35Departure by train IR1924 to Zurich city
09:25Arrival Zurich City
Sightseeing and shopping
18:07Departure by train IC933 to Zurich Airport Flughafen
18:16Arrival at Zurich Airport Flughafen
22:15Depart ZRH-BKK LX182
Day 6
14:00Arrival at Bangkok