7.BERNE- the Golden Pass Line to Lausanne-Zermatt-Interlaken Ost- Grindelwald Jungfraujoch -Grindelwald
Day 1
23:40Departure by plane, LX 183, from BKK to ZRH Airport
Day 2
06:15Arrival at ZRH Airport
07:43Departure by train, IC 810, pf. 3, from Zurich Airport to Berne
09:13Arrival in Berne -free Berne pass
Go to Hotel, Check-in and visit Berne
Overnight in Berne
Day 3
08:47Departure by train, IC 908, pf. 7, from Berne to Spiez
08:57Arrival in Spiez, change train
09:02Departure by RX 2362 from Spiez to Zweisimmes
09:39Arrival in Zweisimmen, change to Golden Pass Line Panoramic train
10:00Departure by Panoramic train, D 122 to Montreux
11:53Arrival in Montreux, change train
12:00Departure to Lausanne, by D 2116
12:21Arrival in Lausanne
Go to Hotel, Check-in, visit Lausanne and surroundings, free admission to Olympic Museum
Overnight in Lausanne
Day 4
08:00Departure by train, IR 1713, pf. 3, from Lausanne to Visp
09:32Arrival in Visp, change train
09:37Departure REG 135 from Visp to Zermatt
10:43Arrival in Zermatt
Go to hotel, check-in
Trip up to Gornergrat, enjoy a great view on the Matterhorn and a typical mountain village -present Swisspass get 25% discount.
Overnight in Zermatt
Day 5
08:10Departure by train, D 900, from Zermatt to Brig
09:33Arrival in Brig, change train
09:59Departure by train, IC 821, pf. 8, from Brig to Spiez
11:03Arrival in Spiez, change train
11:07Departure by REG 4863, from Spiez to Interlaken Ost
11:28Arrival in Interlaken Ost, chang train
11:35Departure by REG 255 from Interlaken Ost to Grindelwald
12:09Arrival in Grindelwald
Go to hotel, check-in
Visit Grindelwald and surroundings
Overnight in Grindelwald
Day 6
09:19Trip up to Jungfraujoch by train, REG 443
09:54Arrival to Kleine Scheidegg, change train
10:02Departure from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe
10:53Arrival on Jungfraujoch
Enjoy Jungfraujoch, lunch, etc
14:00Departure by train to Kleine Scheidegg
14:49Arrival Kleine Scheidegg, change train
15:00Departure Kleine Scheidegg
15:45Arrival in Grindelwald
Overnight in Grindelwald
Day 7
09:50Departure by train, REG 234 from Grindelwald to Interlaken Ost
10:25Arrival in Interlaken Ost
Visit Interlaken
15:39Departure from Interlaken Ost by IC 933 to Zurich Airport
18:16Arrival at Zurich Flughafen Airport
22:15Flight LX 182, ZRHBKK
Day 8
14:00Arrival at Bangkok